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Dr. Mohammed Manzoor Abdulsalam is a remarkable person who has done amazing things in the world of business. He’s the Founder, Chairman & CEO of Al Muqtadir Gold & Diamond Manufacturing and wholesale Jewellery Group. And guess what? He recently received a super special award!

On September 19, 2023, at the British Parliament in London, England, Dr. Abdulsalam was given the Global Business Excellence Award. Just imagine, this award is like a big gold star for grown-ups who do really awesome work!

The award was handed to him by Padmasree Bob Blackman, who is a very important person in the British Parliament. He wanted to say a big “congratulations” to Dr. Abdulsalam for all the amazing things he’s done in the business world. It’s like getting a trophy for being super good at playing a game, but this game is all about making businesses really, really great!

Dr. Abdulsalam got this award because he’s done exceptional things and helped a lot of people through his work. It’s like when someone helps you learn something new or makes your day better – but Dr. Abdulsalam did this for lots of grown-ups all around the world!

So, let’s give a big cheer for Dr. Mohammed Manzoor Abdulsalam – the superstar of the business world! He’s shown us that with hard work and lots of kindness, amazing things can happen!